Friday, 28 June 2013

Instagram Challenge #1

@aliceintheeve - I love this simple vignette made from a vintage garden chair,watering can and jar. Inspired!
Today is the day! It is the first official blog entry for our instagram challenge: #livingthriftyaustralia !
This week we have had a great and inspiring responce from people all around the globe and it has truely touched me to see that there are so many environmentally concious and style savvy people out there. So without further adeu, the pictures in this post are my favourite from this past week (in no particular order) and there were a few more then five that stood out, so here are my 7 favourite, I hope you like them as much as I do!

@sheiiybeiiy - I love this thrifted office setting, simple and stylish. (Drooling over that old kitchen hutch!)
@fawnandfiligree - I love this use for old crates, such rustic charm!
@aliceintheeve - I am inlove with the idea of using old corigated iron as a splash back in your kitchen!
@birdiebirdie_ - I am looking forward to seeing the finished resto project!
@treehouse_girl - Love the look of thrifted plates all clustered together! 
@mariessmak - This retro side board is to die for!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

DIY Decoupage Tray

Todays DIY is a super easy one, all you need is a blank tray (mine I have previously spray painted white), various coloured tissue paper and a decoupage finish (I used Royal Coat). For my tray I decided to attempt an 'ombre' effect with pink/orange but you could do practically anything.

Step 1: Ensure surface is clean and dust free

Step 2: Using a flat brush, spread small amount of decoupage finish on suface of tray

Step 3: Cut circles of tissue paper and press firmly down to ensure they have stuck, with no air bubbles

Step 4: Paint layer of decoupage finish on top of paper

Step 5: Repeat until finished.

'Ombre' effect
My tray is now in its new home on my studio desk, holding all my jars willed with paint brushes and pens. Where will yours live? This project took me only an hour so if youre looking for something quick and effective to do, then this is it! (Time excludes painting the tray)

Saturday, 22 June 2013


Today I am posting a little feature on my art/design business ELCdesigns.
My main objective is to create beautiful homewares and fashion pieces by using pre loved items to be as earth friendly as possible. My best sellers are dishes in the 'Triangle Holiday' range, they are teak platters in different shapes circa 1970 that I have painted to give a new lease on life and bring a pop of colour to any room. I also sell jewellery made from beads I find in thrift stores and hand made polymer clay beads and I am currently working on a range of tote bags and cushions usig my signature pineapple fabric and pre-loved bed linen.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Forgive my absence!

Hey Thrifters!
Yesterday I had my wisdom teeth removed, and in order to properly take care of myself I will be absent from blogging for a few days. But never fear, your regular fix of thrifty goodness will be back soon!
Emma of LT x

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Today We Are Loving:

Today we are loving these awesome sofas by designer Adrian Johnson. Two guesses what they are made from?! 
Well the first answer is obviously car seats but what is the second? Do you give up? FRIDGES! 
These totally quirky sofas known as the 'Fridge Couch' are the meaning of upcycling! Priced from $5000-$7000, every couch is unique. See more here.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Todays post is full of fabulous ideas about what to do with a thrifted chair. If a chair took your fancy in your local thrift store, or you found one calling out to be saved in the local hard-rubbish you're probably wondering how you can jazz it up a little. I am a bit of a chair collector and have spent many hours  trying to decide which move to take in updating my chairs. Today I am sharing my research with you in the hopes that I can make something wonderful happen. 
Giving a chair a new look can be as simple as giving it a new coat of paint, 'dipping' it in the paint (a current trend) or trying your hand at some simple re-upholstering. If you feel like a challenge then there are many options for you; distressing your chair, decoupaging your chair with fabric or your choice of paper (comics, maps, wrapping paper, etc), removing the legs and making it into an out door swing, putting two or more chairs together to create a bench (by removing existing seats and replacing with longer wood/metal to stetch accross all seats), hand painting delicate patterns or even yarn bombing your chair!
Truely, the possibilities for this project are endless so let your creativity run wild and show me your finished project!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Wood on the Walls
Are you bored of those plain old walls in your abode? Why not spice them up with some rustic wood panelling! Wood on the walls can suit any type of home from the ultra modern to the shabby chic and it is super easy to do. Most salvage yards will have a section of woods, but for this project you will be looking for weathered wood, for that rustic look. If you dont have a local salvage yard why not post an ad? For Australians I would suggest advertising on Gumtree. You would be suprised how many people have wood stashed away in their sheds which they will never use. To get the semi painted look (as above) just paint the wood with your regular house paint and to distress it use sand papers and even hit it with a metal chain to give it chips and dents.
If you decide that this is a project for you please email me pictures of your walls to


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Thrifty Gifty

Upcycled Maps:
Is there a birthday or special gift giving event coming up within your family or circle of friends? Are you looking for ways to save money or give your gifts a unique touch? Why not create some upcycled gift tags using things you may have lieing around? Why not have a look at these examples;

Paint Chips:
Playing Cards: Unknown
Upcycled Childrens Book:
Sheet Music:
Christmas Cards:

Friday, 7 June 2013

Fancy Fences

Surf Board Fence
After yesterday's post about upcycled bottle fences I was inspired to do some more research into other eclectic fences that anyone can make. If you feel like a project then put on that thinking cap and decide what your fence will be made of, you could get away with almost any item these days. When I finally have a propper house with a nice garden, I will be collecting doors to make that gorgeous door fence!

Ski Fence:  
Door Fence
Street Sign Fence:
Pallet Fence

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Cafe Komodo - Prospect

Cafe Komodo is one of Adelaides best kept secrets. Down a narrow alley way on Prospect Road you will find this eclectic urban cafe. Cafe Komodo is situated in a large old shed joint to the back of another local shop with two cute little court yards shaded with trees and vines. The walls are covered in old vinyl and posters and the furniture is all pre-loved. 
If you can spare a moment to tear your eyes away from the crazy cool decor be sure to order something yummy! Cafe Komodos menu will suit any taste, with meat for the meat eaters and veg for the veg eaters, not to mention delicious sweet treats.
If you are looking for eclectic inspiration or something pretty to look at head to Cafe Komodo.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

My Space

This is my space.My own little space. I have just 1 room and a shed, so all my belongings are crammed under my bed, in my wardrobe and in the shed (and I have many belongings...). This is the tidiest corner of my room, it contains my bed, side table, china cabinet and vintage cane chair. 
My favourite thrifted item in this picture is my old cane chair. It was $20 at my local salvos and is oh so comfy! 
My favourite online purchase is by far my pineapple lamp. I have a obsession with pineapples and was browsing through eBay one day to come accross this lamp. I had to buy! I had it shipped all the way from America and although it was a bit expencive I dont think I could love it more.
Hope you enjoyed this insight into my abode.
LT x

Using What You Have - Bottle Fence

Source: Pinterest

Today a reader contacted me in regards to a thrifty project she is doing at the moment, the bottle fence! Julie emailed me to tell me all about this on going project that her and her husband are doing in their spare time, to bring colour and life to their front fence which was in a very sad condition. Due to the fence being directly next to a salt water pool the metal posts supporting the fence had rusted and deteriorated. Instead of tearing the entire fence down Julie decided to keep the existing brick work and build on to it using bottles that they already had to create an eclectic stained glass effect. From there they intend to build on to it again using reclaimed wood or rustic old doors. See their project below and in the future we will share with you their finished project!

If Julies project has struck your interest then hurry up, put on your shoes and run out to your recycling bin. Quickly salvage any glass bottles that you didnt need before, because you need them now! Choose your colour theme and run with it. If you arent a big drinker why not ask your neighbours, family or friends to save their bottles for you? If you are a big drink well get drinking! This project and give a mosiac effect or can be made into a pattern of your choice. Below are some images I have found to give you some more inspiration! These pictures even include this technique being used indoors in bathrooms and also in a retail setting.

Photo source: Pinterest