Thursday, 18 July 2013

Get That Look!

Hey friends! If you've been a keen watcher of Channel Ten's Offspring like I have then I bet you're constantly swooning over Nina and Patrick's house. In today's blog post I am going to show you how you can replicate their style using reclaimed woods, vintage and retro items and better yet, what you already have!
Now ofcourse it would help if you just happen to live in an old coat hanger factory, but it is certainly not esssential. Make the most of your windows by dressing them with wooden blinds, long draping curtains in whites or greys or better yet, dont dress them at all (if privacy is not an issue for you). Walls should be kept simple with exposed brick work and a colour palette of white or grey for a concreted look, however this should be done on few walls as darker colours will make your rooms look smaller, where as whites will make your rooms bright and refreshing. Since the industrial look is what we are wanting, any rustic crates, boxes, equiptment or furniture you can find or might already have would look fantastic in your new industrial living areas. If you are in desperate need of some key pieces then I have put together a short list of must-haves that can be seen below:

1. Dining table made by Michael Hayes Furniture using recycled timbers.
2. Photo frame made by Mulbury  using recycled timber.
3. Industrial coat hooks by Mulbury using recycled materials.
4. Cushion by Medwin and Mcgarry made from pre-loved denim.
5. Distressed dining chairs by Rustic Boutique made from pre-loved chairs.
6. Chalk board bottles by NAKEBA using vintage bottles.
7. Industrial step ladder from Old New House.
8. Vintage rolling pin from Epoch Co.
9.  Upcycled lamp by Red Zebra Designs using old books.
10. Storage basket by Been & Done made from old coffee sacks.
11. Hand painted pot plant by Birdsnests For Hair.

1. Vintage kantha quilt from Fossik.
2. Original 24 inch acrylic painting by ELCdesigns.
3. Upcycled jewellery display hanger by Ayliss made from repurposed wood and old knobs.
4. Upcycled teak dish painted with acrylic paints by ELCdesigns.
5. Hand made 'Be Brave' cushion by NZFINCH.
6. Bedside table by GHIFY made from repurposed woods
7. Upcycled metalic glass bottles by NAKEBA.
8. Vintage alarm clock from White Space Vintage.
9. Repurposed wood table lamp by BRZ wood DESIGN.
10. Vintage AM/FM radio from The Fox And The Spoon 

Ofcourse all credit to this gorgeous home goes it its real-life owner Adriene Strampp a Melbourne artist who's work can be seen above nina's sofa in their living area. If you are interested in purchasing one of her master pieces you can fin her here.

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